Avenue Facility Usage Request

Areas Requested

Covenant Partners Facility Usage is Free of Charge. Avenue Attenders Receive a 50% Discount on Facility Usage.
Additional $50 cleaning fee for Non-Members DUE OF DATE OF RENTAL. All payment must be submitted in cash.

Primary Contact

The following guidelines are agreed to before entry of building is permitted:

- Please be aware that other groups or church ministries may be using the facility at the same time. Ministry Events always take precedence over all other events.
- Building use is limited to area of building necessary for the planned activity. ONLY tables and chairs may be moved by Facilities Director or church key holder.
- Thermostats should not be adjusted except by authorized individuals. If you have a temperature request, please note on the application and the thermostat will be programmed for you. This is important as we monitor our heating/air conditioning use.
- The church is cleaned weekly by our Facility director. As you are using the space, please be courteous of their time and their job. All trash needs to be bagged and placed by the door of the room being used. There will be a vacuum and broom available to clean up.
- Doors will NOT be left unlocked and/or propped open UNLESS someone is posted near the entrance for security purposes.
- Each activity is to be supervised by a key holder of Avenue Church.
- Auditorium will not be able to be rented out past 4pm on Saturdays. No rooms will be rented on Sundays unless they are ministry related.
- Alcohol consumption is not allowed on church property. No smoking is permitted inside the building.
- Dates will be confirmed when this form is submitted. To prevent scheduling conflicts, this form should be filled out no later than two weeks prior to date requested. You will be notified by email if your dates are approved.
- If you or someone at your event causes damaged to property owned or used by the church, you are responsible for the cost to replace it. You are not allowed to transfer your permission to use the church or church facilities to another person or organization.
- Events get added to calendar in order according to date received and deposit paid. Keep this in mind and get forms in promptly.
I have read the facility use policies and I agree to the stated terms, conditions and policies. I understand that a 25% deposit is due at time of reservation and the additional balance is due one week prior to event.
*If this request is for an Avenue event that needs advertising, please submit a 'Communication Request' form in addition to this form.