Avenue Church is a place where people can SEE, FIND, and FOLLOW JESUS. We believe people matter to God.  Therefore, people matter to us.  Join us for our Sunday services at 9am and 11am!

Upcoming: ACTS: The World Turned Upside Down

We all know the American church is facing challenging times. A well-presented sermon series on the Book of Acts reminds all of us how a few people, with the Holy Spirit, turned the world upside down.

Seeds of the faith that grew into the worldwide church were planted by God in a turbulent time.
  • Rome is still in the new imperial and authoritarian rule.
  • The Pax Romana, a time of relative peace in the Mediterranean world, began.
  • Roads and improved sailing conditions allowed for unprecedented travel.

And the early church was in turmoil, experiencing persecution, and found itself under intense pressure as they proclaimed Jesus as King — rather than Caesar.

One world government… persecution… authority of the state over religion… a promise of peace — but with strings attached… Does any of this sound familiar?
Welcome to the world of the Book of Acts.
April - June 2023

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Everyone’s road to recovery looks different. Let us help you thrive wherever you are.
Dinner @ 6:00 PM | Service @ 7:00 PM | Groups @ 8:00 PM

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Our communities are an opportunity for people to spend time together, eat together, dig into God's Word together, laugh together, and enjoy life with one another.  It's the foundation we are building at Avenue.

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